About Mick Walsh

Mick Walsh was born in Dublin, Ireland in December 1962,  and lived there with his 5 brothers and 2 sisters until he met Martha, married her and moved to Seattle in 1991.

He started racing bicycles when he was 15, to keep him out of trouble... He does not  think that worked out to well .

In the late 80s he was racing on the Irish National Team, representing Ireland many times. Mick also spent parts of two years racing in the Normandy and Brittany regions of France.

After moving to Seattle, Mick started racing again and became Washington State Champion in 1999.   Along with Martha, he has been a constant figure at all the big northwest races racing in the masters division. Although since getting more involved in Ultra racing, he has not been racing so much as in past.

Mick raced 4-man Race Across Oregon in 2009, setting a course record, and came back in 2010 to win the solo division.  He formed Team RAW along with George Thomas in 2010 and they raced Race Across the West.  This was great preparation and learning for Mick, so now he's ready for an attempt at Solo RAW.

Mick works for Grainger Industrial Supply in Bellvue, Wa.