Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6/15/11 5:45PM PDLT update


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At 5:45PM this evening I received a phone call from Mick's crew chief. John Henry Maurice was in good spirits and reported that the crew was having a good time. Mick is doing well, currently in 3rd place as he passed through Time Station 1, Lake Henshaw California, 57 miles into the race.

The weather is hot but Mick is enjoying a brisk tailwind estimated to be in the 25-30mph range. At the top of the hill leading into Borrego Springs it was 84 degrees but as Mick made his way down the 3000 vertical foot descent it reached 102 as he entered Borrego Springs. On the descent he had a front flat. By the time the crew made their way to him Mick had already removed the front tire. The crew vehicle will direct follow at night but during the day only leap frog support is allowed.

Mick started just after noon today, and by 5:45 PM had only been off the bike twice, once to deal with that flat, and the other time to put an ice vest on to help keep him cool.

Mick has had no stomach issues to this point, and the crew reports that he is in good spirits.

As I am typing this entry (at 8PM Pacific Daylight Time) I notice from the RAW Race Leader Board that Mick has passed through Time Station 2, Brawley, California, mile 147. He is 35 minutes behind 1st place rider Daniel Wyss, but only 1 minute behind the second place rider Peter Oyler.

Quite a race!

Stay tuned for updates as we vicariously follow Mick and his crew from Oceanside to Durango.

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