About the Crew

John Henry Maurice
John Henry has many years experience crewing for ultra-cyclist beginning in 2005 when he crewed for Graham Pollack at Race Across Oregon.  Undeterred by what he saw Graham go through, John raced and completed Furnace Creek 508 and has been back as crew every year since.  In 2010, he served as crew chief for Kevin "Desert Coyote" Van Dyke.  John Henry is currently training for the 2011 Furnace Creek 508.

Elise Ross
Elise an avid cyclist and experienced crew person.  She has crewed for Joan "Nanook" Deitchman at the 2010 Furnace Creek 508 and for Sandy "Echidna" Earl's 2010 RAAM attempt.  As such, Elise brings a lot of experience and know how to Team Walsh.

Paul Renninger

This will be Paul'f first experience with crewing, but not his first experience with Ultracycling.  Paul is a veteran of multiple 12 time trials (Lewis and Clark Ultra and Ring of Fire) and is excited to join Team Walsh.