Thursday, June 16, 2011

improving weather

After a day of withering heat Mick and his crew should look forward to tomorrow's forecast. The high in Cottonwood AZ (TS 8) is predicted to be 92, and in Flagstaff AZ (TS 9)it is predicted to be 76. Neither location is expecting any wind over 5 mph. Tuba City AZ (TS 10) is expecting a high of 85. That's warm enough, but a whole lot better than the triple digits of today!

I talked with Mick's crew chief again this evening. Most of what we talked about has already been posted here but he did mention that the air was very dry. Humidity was 11% today. I guess that's why they call it "the desert Southwest". ;-)

Keep those pedals spinning Mick. The words that Eric "Thrasher" Troili said to me as I trained for the Furnace Creek 508 will serve you as well. "Focus on finishing, nothing else matters".

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